tamigo allows you to integrate attendance data directly into your Rota. Through our APIs or through an FTP exchange, you can send attendance data from third-parties directly to tamigo. You must have an Administrator role in tamigo, and be familiar with software development and web services. 

1. Add your employees' POS (Point-of-Sales) keys

You need to register the POS keys for the employees that you wish to include in the import.   

  1. Go to Configuration -> POS Keys.
  2. Enter each employee’s key and save.

2. Add an ID number for each department in your company

You need to register an ID for each department that you wish to include in the import.  

  1. Go to Configuration -> Departments
  2. Select a department and add an ID in the Store ID field.  
  3. Repeat these steps for all your departments.

3. Generate an access key to authenticate with our Web Services

  1. Go to Configuration -> Web Services (API)
  2. Enter the name of your application and then click on Create Key

You will need this key to use our APIs. If your key has been compromised, you can regenerate the key to ensure the security of your tamigo instance.

4. Authenticate your application

Send a POST request to api.tamigo.com/login/application with the following body:

The content-type is JSON (application/json).

If the request is successful, you will get the following response:

Retrieve the “SessionToken” to get access to our application. Please note that the token is temporary and will expire after 20 minutes.

5. Import check-in times

Send a POST request to api.tamigo.com/attendance/checkin/?token=<sessionToken> with the following body:

Make sure to replace <sessionToken> with the token you received during the authentication phase.

The content-type is JSON (application/json). 

The parameters should be introduced in the following formats:

DepartmentKeyTextA123, 1234567, abcdefg
EmployeeKeyTextA123, 1234567, abcdefg
SessionTokenAs returned by login766c9732-e2d1-46d1-ae3e-a74c560bb8e6

If the request is successful, you will get the following response (JSON):

6. Import check-out times

The same procedure as for check-in times applies to check-out times, however the POST request should be made to api.tamigo.com/attendance/checkout/?token=<sessionToken>.

The body of the request should be as follows:

The check-out parameter is formatted as yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss.

You can now visualize the data in the Timesheet section of tamigo, under Hours Worked or in the Check In/Out report.

7 - Other method: FTP file transfer

Although we recommend using our API to transfer data to and from tamigo, we also offer the possibility to set up a file exchange through an FTP server.  

The attendance data should be in a flat format such as a .csv file and be of the following format:

If there is only a check-in time, then ''CheckOutTime'' should be left empty. If another request is sent with the same ''CheckInTime'' but with ''CheckOutTime'' filled in, the record will be updated instead of a new record being created. It is therefore not possible to delete or replace the record of a ''CheckInTime''.

You can make a file available on your own FTP server that we will download when we import data. This is the preferred way. You should provide a username and a password. It is also possible to upload your data directly to our FTP server. Contact tamigo support for more details.